The pieces of art that I create stem from a longtime passion of capturing what the human eye doesn’t register through motion. This can take many forms – from freezing movement at high speeds to using longer exposures which create something more surreal. I strive to use dramatic elements, such as water, powder and lush fabrics to link an emotional connection with the human form, creating a unique piece of artwork.

When it came to creating a fine art print, I tested many leading brands of photo paper. I found that Hahnemuehle fine art papers matched my work perfectly. It really stirred an emotion in me to see my work printed on paper specifically for my art’s needs. It may surprise you that differences in properties of paper, will create a different feel of the image.

My prints have archival, museum grade longevity, rated for 200+ years. Each print is signed and come with free shipping within Canada. I have custom framing options too. Please enquire if interested.

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